The Sushi:

Using the best quality fish and rice as standard, the sushi served at Michiko Sushino is a reassuringly traditional experience in a contemporary urban surrounding.
As is expected in Osaka, Michiko’s home-town, each dish is freshly prepared with love, experience and precision – insuring each visit is both a social and culinary experience to remember.


(D) Dairy
(G) Contains gluten
(M) Mayo
(N) Nuts
(P) Pescatarian
(S) Contains sesame
(V) Vegetarian


Edamame (V) £3.25
Served salty or spicy
Miso soup (G,P) £2.50
Spicy seaweed (G, N, S) £3.50


Sushi set A (G, M, S) £12.00
Salmon avocado uramaki 6 pcs, salmon maki roll 3 pcs
Salmon nigiri 3 pcs

Sushi set B (G, M, S) £18.00
Salmon avocado uramaki 6 pcs, salmon maki roll 6 pcs
Salmon nigiri 3 pcs, salmon sashimi 3 pcs.

Sushi set C (G, M, S) £19.00
Spicy tuna roll 6 pcs, 4 tuna nigiri

Sushi set D (G, M, S) £44.00
Prawn tempura uramaki 6 pcs, salmon avocado uramaki 6 pcs, spicy tuna uramaki 6 pcs, spicy salmon uramaki 6 pcs, avocado maki roll 6 pcs, cucumber maki roll 6 pcs, 2 salmon nigiri, 2 tuna nigiri, 2 prawns nigiri, 2 egg nigiri

Sushi set E ( veg.) (V,G,P) £14.00
Futomaki ( big roll )avocado ( cucumber, egg, kampyo 4 pcs ), 2 shiitake mushroom nigiri, 2 egg nigiri, 2 inari nigiri

Sashimi set F £14.00
3 sashimi (salmon, tuna, sea bass)

Kids set menu 6.50
Avocado maki roll 3 pcs, cucumber maki roll 3 pcs, salmon maki roll 3 pcs, egg maki roll 3 pcs, edamame

Recommended by the chef

Hanabi (G, M) £12.00
Prawn tempura topped with scallops, tobikko, spicy mayo, crispy onions

Seared salmon roll (G, M) £12.00
Salmon, avocado topped with seared salmon slices, spicy mayo, eel sauce, spring onions

Rainbow roll (G, M) £12.00
Salmon and cucumber roll topped with slices of salmon, tuna, seabass, scallop, prawn, avocado

Yellowtail shiso roll (G, M) £13.50
yellowtail, avocado, mayo, topped with yellowtail, shiho leaves and tobiko

Bowls with white sushi rice

Momiji (G, S) £13.00
Mix of fish chopped in cubes: salmon, tuna, yellowtail, egg, avocado, sesame, nori

Salmon (S) £12.50
Salmon, roasted sesame seeds, nori + Avocado: £1.00

Tuna (S) £15.00
Tuna, sesame, nori

Kashi (G, S) £15.00
Roasted eel, eel sauce, roasted sesame seeds, nori


Mayo + 20p
Spicy mayo + 20p
Tobikko + 50p
Ginger + 50p
Wasabi + 50p


Still water – £1.50
Sparkling water – £1.50
Cold green tea (sugar free) – £2.50
Cold oolong tea (sugar free) – £2.50
ChariTea Sparkling Mate – £2.95
ChariTea Green Ginger – £2.95
Lemonaid Passionfruit – £2.95
Lemonaid Blood Orange – £2.95
Lemonaid Lime – £2.95


Beer – Bottle (330ml) – £4.50
Asahi Super Drykirin
White wine Glass (175ml) £5.90 – Bottle (750ml) £24.00
Colombard – Sauvignon Cotes De Gascogne IGP 2015 Domaine Horgelus, South France  (Refreshing citrus with a fresh finish)

Riesling Kabinett Trocken 2015
Glass (175ml) £8.50 – Bottle (750ml) £38.00
Weingut Familie Rauen, Thornich, Middle Mosel

Muscadet Sèvre-et-Maine sur lie aOC 2010
Bottle (750ml) £50.00
Domaine R de la Grange, Loire Atlantique

Red Wines:
Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil 2015
Bottle (375ml) £20.00
Domaine de Fondis
Plum wine:

Fukuju Umeshu Glass (100ml) £8.00 – Bottle (500ml) £39.50
Kinokui Kanjuku Glass (80ml) £8.00
Kawatsuru Sasanigori Honoume – Bottle (300ml) £17.00
Sake – Masu (chilled)(120ml) £6.00 – Tokkuri (hot)(200ml) £9.50
Fukuju Takumi
Sake (by the bottle)
Kobe Shu-Shin-Kan Fukuju Jyunmai Ginjo – (300ml) £22.00
Bunraku Jynmai Daiginyo – (300ml) £35.00
Fujitakasago Jyunmai Ginjyo – (720ml) £50.00